Ways to Prevent Getting Stuck in Sand, Mud, Snow or Dirt

There are times when it is necessary to drive on different types of surfaces other than paved road or freeway. It is a pleasant experience if the journey is smooth. On the other hand, however, when the vehicle is stuck in surfaces such as sand, mud, dirt or snow, the experience is totally agonizing. This frustration will be further compounded if the vehicle is stuck in places where help is limited. Below we shall discuss how you can avoid getting your vehicle stuck on different surfaces.

Preventive Measures for Flat Tires

If you are certain that you will be traveling on mud, sand, dirt or snow, deflate the tires slightly so they can have more contact with the surface; this can result in higher levels of traction. However, take note that when you deflate your tires slightly, your vehicle will be lower to the ground level, therefore the clearance will be reduced. Watch out for potholes and be careful when driving, drive slow to be safe. Remember to inflate the tires back to normal once you return to a normal surface to prevent damaging them.

Inspect the Path by Looking

When you are uncertain of the road ahead, you may want to walk out of your vehicle (provided it is safe to do so) and examine the road for potential dangers that you want to avoid.

Do Not Brake too Hard

When you are driving in mud, dirt, sand or snow, try not to brake too hard unless it is necessary. This is because if you do so, a slight hole or rut will be dug in the ground, and this will cause your car to be trapped. If there is need to stop the car, you can slow it down and eventually it can come to a stop. Do not angulary drive your car when in sand dunes, simply drive in straight line.

Drive in a Straight Line

One good way to prevent from getting stuck or trapped is to drive in straight line.

Be Slow but Sure

Try to drive at a slow but steady rate. You can achieve it by changing to higher gears. However when the wheels start to spin, throttle back slightly and it can help to establish the right traction again.

Watch out for Holes

Prevent driving in holes or ruts whenever possible when traveling in dirt and mud. The car tires will tend to move in the direction of the depression in the ground. This can potentially get your car trapped. Take note of the direction the wheels of your car are pointing when driving. When you enter such areas, re-establish the traction steadily while the wheels are pointing in the direction of the depression in the ground.

Tire Stuck in Mud

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